5 Things To Know Before Installing Sod

When you want a perfect lawn quickly, there’s no better solution than a new sod installation. To narrow down the options, collect quotes from a few reputable installers and gather some important information from them. By ensuring conditions will be optimized to allow your new grass to flourish, you’ll protect the value of your investment.

Here are the top 5 Questions you should ask:

How much time passes between sod harvesting and installation?

Don’t settle for sod that’s been wilting on a pallet for days! That’s what you’ll get at your typical big-box store. Also, be sure you aren’t receiving sod that was removed from someone else’s lawn. At Halo, our sod is harvested the same day it’s laid down. This minimizes the amount of stress on the sod and maximizes its ability to take root and thrive.

What types of turf are available?

Some installers offer multiple sod varieties. When making your decision, make sure that the variety you choose is a good match for the growing conditions on your property and your irrigation system. We prefer a reliable St. Augustine Floratam that has runners to repair itself and keeps a nice green hue through winter.

How will you prepare the ground? Will you be applying any special treatments?

Setting the stage for success is a huge part of any sod installation service. After all, anyone can buy pallets of sod and lay them out. Preparing the surface, conditioning the soil, and nourishing the sod are all important parts of the process.

Removing existing grass and weeds to create a clean slate is the first step in our process at Halo. Then we mechanically remove all existing plant life and debris. A pre-emergent or soil amendment may be required depending on the circumstances of the project.

Do any warranties or guarantees apply to a new sod installation?

You’re not likely to find a landscaping company offering a warranty on sod installation, and with good reason. With sod installation, more than any other service, the long-term success of the project depends largely on the homeowner. As a customer, all the power is in your hands – which is a good thing for you to be aware of.

Your most important job as a proactive customer is to take good care of your new sod once it’s been laid down. You’ll need to water it daily for the first several weeks and apply treatments as directed. Before that time comes, though, be sure to ask informed questions. When you combine high-quality, healthy sod with a thorough installation process and proper maintenance, you can expect great results.

How should I care for my new sod?

For the first two weeks after sod installation, keep the soil surface constantly moist but not soaking. Water twice daily for an hour, depending on weather conditions. Allow three inches of growth before you mow your lawn for the first time. Keep your pets off of it and keep playing to a minimum. Your new sod must be treated for pests and fungus within (10) days of installation.

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