Landscape Design

Whether you have a vision you’re in love with regarding your forever home, or just need to spruce up the property for a quick sale- we have experience in both! While our maintenance routes have a tight service area, we offer landscaping services from Largo to Lakeland, and Wesley Chapel to Longboat Key! Do you have a Home Owners Association that requires an ARC submittal or design draft? Provide us with a survey copy and we’ll do the rest, at Halo we use the same design guidelines they mandate – This saves you a lot of time and energy. (Please allow up to two weeks for design drafts and revisions, there is a fee for drafting services)

We specialize in bed creation, plant installation, mulch selection, decorative stone, and focal staging; with an emphasis on sustainable design which translates to lower maintenance and healthier plants! More about that below…

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We strongly recommend using native plants which can be found here in the Florida Friendly Landscaping Guide published by the University of Florida: (page 30)

“The selection of non-invasive, drought tolerant, pest resistant, and naturally beautiful plants is becoming more common. Landscape professionals and homeowners alike are eager to identify a variety of plants that attract different types of wildlife (e.g., hummingbirds) and provide a diversity of color and interest throughout the year

Why consider sustainability?

From the property owner’s perspective, the two greatest advantages to a more sustainable landscape approach are reduced maintenance and healthier plants. The number of readily available ornamental grasses, perennials, shrubs, and trees that thrive in stressful conditions has significantly increased in recent years. Because of their suitability to our climate, these plants have proven to be more resilient over time. Additionally, beautiful and diverse landscapes can be planted that require less irrigation or fertilization. The need for costly sprinkler systems to maintain an attractive landscape is outdated, as thirsty plots of green grass are being replaced with mixtures of native grasses and groundcovers. By reducing watering, fertilizing, and lawn mowing from daily or weekly routines, property owners are discovering cost benefits from minimal upfront investment.” – Brian Kuchar, P.E., RLA, LEED AP –Senior Landscape Architect and Civil Engineer